Credentialing and Add-On Services

credentialing and add-on service for medical billing and coding

Credentialing as well as any add on services can be done through Get Moore. We are a full-service billing company able and willing to help you with all your needs.

We are a full-service company that can assist with Credentialing, Contracting, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, Medicare revalidation and NPI registration as well as state reporting.

We can review how often your contracts are being renegotiated for pricing increases as well as consult with you on whether or not you are being paid a fair wage for your services. We can carve out pricing for some of the most common procedures that you are preforming and being under paid for as well as implants or supplies that are being bundled together for services provided.

Free AR Analysis

Free review of your AR to assess potential revenue loss

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