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If you are looking for a specialized medical billing and coding provider in Las Vegas, then Get Moore Medical Billing is the company for you.

Many medical practices are victims of financial loss due to flawed medical billing, which causes a loss in revenue for you as the provider, and, worse, patient trust because of errors.

Get Moore Medical Billing specializes billing for medical providers, General Practitioners, Psychiatry, Orthopedists, Cardiologists, Pain Management, and ASC's (ambulatory surgery center). Our current billing systems are flexible and varied to accommodate our client's needs, and we can provide medical and coding billing services for many medical providers.

Highly trained and hard-working professionals deliver our medical and coding billing services with experience you can trust.

Contact Get Moore Medical Billing for a free consultation and allow us to be your medical billing partner.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Services

Accounts Receivable Reduction service for medical providers

Reduce your outstanding AR and collect the thousands of dollars owed to you.

Medical billing and coding service that specializes in contract review for healthcare accounting.

Are you getting paid a fair value for your services?  When is the last time you got a contract increase?  I can assist you with this.

Denial and appeals resolution specialist for your healthcare medical billing.

Are your denials being worked or just written off?  How large is your AR?  Does your staff understand how to do an appeal?  Well, I worked for Insurance companies as well as being an Medical Assistant so I have the knowledge to get it done right.

Medical billing and coding service in Las Vegas

Get Moore Medical Billing specializes in all aspects of Medical Billing from Coding, Billing, Payment Posting and Patient Billing.

Monthly reporting for medical billing and coding.

Get Moore Medical Billing provides our clients with Month End Reporting on outstanding AR and collections.  Deposit information sent daily or weekly per your preference.

Medical billing and coding service that specializes in ASC, Orthopedic, and Pain Management

Specialized in ASC UB-04 Billing as well as the CMS 1500.  Over 15 years of Orthopedics, Spine and Pain Management. Also, specializing in Cardiology and Pediatrics. Former Medical Assistant, Insurance Claims processor and Medical Billing Manager. We are in no way limited to these specialties and can custom tailor all our billing to your specific specialties needs.

Medicare, medicaid and commercial insurance billing and coding service.

Experienced in billing Commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and Government insurances as well as Worker Compensation.

HIPAA compliant medical billing and coding service in Las Vegas, NV

Ensure your patient's information is kept private due to HIPAA laws.  Outsourcing your medical billing and coding services to other countries is never guaranteed.

Free AR Analysis

Free review of your AR to assess potential revenue loss

medical billing and insurance by Get Moore Medical Billing

Medical Billing and Insurance

Electronic claim submission to get you your money faster UB-04 and CMS 1500. EFT, paper check or credit card payments We are very proficient in making sure all claims that can be submitted electronically, are submitted electronically. Clearinghouses must be utilized for Medicare and Medicaid, even their secondary claims as well as knowing that occasionally,…
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patient rights hipaa compliant medical billing and coding service in las vegas, nv

Patient Rights

HIPAA Compliance guaranteed, unlike companies who are outsourcing to other countries. Upholding the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is imperative to all Medical And Billing companies and could cost your company thousands of dollars if not upheld. When you outsource your billing and coding to a foreign country, there is very little…
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credentialing and add-on service for medical billing and coding

Credentialing and Add-On Services

Credentialing as well as any add on services can be done through Get Moore. We are a full-service billing company able and willing to help you with all your needs. We are a full-service company that can assist with Credentialing, Contracting, Medicare and Medicaid enrollment, Medicare revalidation and NPI registration as well as state reporting.…
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About Angelique Moore

Working as the Office and Billing Manager, I collected over $6,000,000 a year for the ASC I was employed at.  We did many complicated cases there that included cases, that were deemed inpatient, like Total Knees, Hips, Spine and Cardiology, but we did them on an outpatient basis.  This required making sure contracts were in place so that our cases paid correctly. I assisted in Contracting and renegotiation to maximize our revenue.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

At Get Moore Medical Billing we are committed to provide the most seamless transition to our customers. We look forward to maximizing your revenue by collecting every dollar due to you.  We take pride in giving feedback as needed to see where lost revenue is coming from and creating solutions to preventing future errors as well as fighting the insurance companies to pay for all services provided.


Angelique worked for me as a back office Medical Assistant for over 2 years, and I would like to give her the highest level of recommendation possible.

Although she was a part-time employee, she was always part of the team. She covered for others when they were out and stepped right into my practice with the smoothest flow. I have an extremely busy spine practice with a lot of high maintenance patients. Angelique was always able to handle these patients with the most concern and they enjoyed her smiling face and cheerful attitude.

She is someone I was able to hand an assignment to and know that it would be completed correctly. I have the utmost trust in her. She has a good head on her shoulders, is highly trained in many areas of the medical field to include, surgery scheduling, injections, prior authorizations, organization skills, and charge entry.

Thomas Dunn M.D.

Angelique worked as an assistant to Dr. Tingey here and it's not hard to describe her duties here: making sure Dr. Tingey had whatever he needed to do his work here in an efficient manner.
She scheduled his surgeries, including making sure the authorizations were in place, implants were needed and ordered, anesthesia was scheduled, the hospital was noticed, interface with the patient was seamless so that his surgery time was maximized. Dr. Tingey was always praising her abilities to shape his surgery days.
I am very impressed with Angelique. She quickly learned our practice management system and our routine. She is dependable, conscientious and honest. She went out of her way to pull the office staff together by helping out when needed and being kind and friendly to one and all.
She is an able and diligent worker, whom I would recommend to your practice without reservation.

Liz Testolin

Office Manager
Orthopaedic Specialist of Nevada

When I hired Angelique, CSC had over a $1,000,000 in outstanding AR mainly in Implants that we were not getting paid for. It turns out that not only were they billing with the wrong HCPCS code, but they were also billing with an incorrect REV code. For 3 years prior to her hire, nobody ever took the time to research this issue and figure out the problem. Her diligence in just this problem alone, along with her pushing for changes in our contracting lead to wording that included, Implants would be separately reimbursed and created a huge jump in our revenue.


Billing Manager

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