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Electronic claim submission to get you your money faster UB-04 and CMS 1500.

EFT, paper check or credit card payments

We are very proficient in making sure all claims that can be submitted electronically, are submitted electronically. Clearinghouses must be utilized for Medicare and Medicaid, even their secondary claims as well as knowing that occasionally, sometimes the best route is to mail a claim due to it having an Implant Invoice or Medical Records that need to be sent if your billing system doesn't have the capabilities to attach these records.

EFT payments are the fastest and most efficient way to get funds into your account quickly. While not all companies offer these services, we are able to set up the ones that do for you. Paper checks are more cost effective than the Credit Card payment systems that many companies are switching over to, that ultimately charge you a percentage of the funds. We are committed to contacting these companies for you to help reduce the fees you are paying on money that was yours all along.

HIPAA compliance is guaranteed to your patients, when you are using providers that in the United States.

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